This is what I listen to at almost 2 o’clock in the morning. I am grateful on the friendships I have, on the friend sitting beside me rambeling on and drawing with some badass markers over here, I am grateful on everything I have, every person in my life, I am also very grateful and at the same time sad about so many memories and moments that have passed and took place at this very room, a lot of them with the same friend I amsitting now with(I’ll just say that I feel melancholic about them). I have a few tears in my eyes due to all those warm emotions bolded up inside of me and I want to give my friend the tightest hug and just to stay like that forever which means this entire night till the dawn, whilst this song is playing at the background, neverending. I love you, all of you people in my life, I love you, all of my memories and all of the moments I have caught and farewell to all of those which have escaped my little bag called my memory. I send you all lots of love.

P.S. she drew me a little heart with her initials and a little dude called BOB. ‘Cause that’s just who we are.

Late Night Thoughts

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