Hand in hand

In the dark two of us meet. Our relationship is not defined but we stand both in the darkness. We are both at the same time kids and grown ups. We are in our outfits for special occasions and I have make up on but we’re sweating. Your hair is a bit messy which is not specific for you, your shirt is unbuttoned and tucked in the black pants, sleeves are rolled up to your elbows and your dark eyes give you the determination you need. My blonde perfect hairstyle is not so perfect anymore but it’s till standin, and my dress is turning to overalls so I could run.  Our palms are sloppy but we clench fists. I step forward, you step forward and then our gazes meet. We are strong but scared. We are wrong but right. At the end of the tunnel there is a party we should go to. And I feel like we ran from something dangerous and both of us needs a strong partner. But I need help with that feather. You nod and I gulp. Your eyes shift to the light and I turn towards it as well. I know I should be cautious about you but I also like what you give to me. Yes, we complete each other. And I serve forever for some things I was wrong about, and you already have a chain around your neck.  But we want to break it, we want to rip our nice sweaty clothes and make a warrior’s uniform. We want to break free and forget about everything. We want to create and travel. To be free and innocent. I want to see the stars with my own eyes in the desert again, and you said that you will take me there. I want to trust you but you are a fox and you think that I’m a cat doing things like a tiger. I want to be a princess even though I can stand side by side with you. Do you have that wide of a perception? I will let you be whatever you want to become, I will build you. But I need help. We should run towards the light and then, side by side, slowly taking each others hands while tightening the grip. But please, I want both of us always to have their own lamp in other hand.

Love you

With so many things happening lately I understood just how much I love some people in my life. No, it’s not that ‘OMG ILYSM’, it’s ‘I really love you, I am here for you’. And when they’re not with you almost anything you do is not complete.

I can just sit and spectate them. I can just look at you while you’re not aware of it, and see how beautiful and divine you are. And then, a small smile shows on my face, while nobody sees it. Oh jelousy, oh rules we live by are so stopping us from living our lives to the fullest. But, let’s face it, nobody would tolerate non of it, unfortunately.

I would talk to you and listen to you whole night and I would tell you so many things, so you’ll understand that I love you and how special you are. Because every of you have a special place in my heart. I would watch you, listen to you, laugh with you, cry with you. I want it to be special. I want to just sit on the floor with the lights turned off, just with a lamp  turned on or candles burning, talking about life, love, universe, whole night, with no setbacks.


The moment when your entire world comes storming down to you with the toughest and the hardest questions to give the right and full answer to, you just bent down a bit, unconsciously, and your face slightly drops and in your eyes you start carrying the burden formed with heavy look or tears trying to release it, but fail to. Just when you thought you are over that, over those questions, when you moved forward into other direction, when you started concentrating on yourself and not on the world, people and life never-ending philosophies, which endure only in the minds of the hurt and the disappointed adults, something triggers The Ring and it suddenly appears around your neck, so you are obligated to destroy it in the fires of Mordor.

It’s a foggy, cold, and a bit windy night, with the sharpness of coldness in the air which cuts your skin, razes your muscles and shakes your bones, luckily, it’s not so strong tonight, so you can take a walk. We were walking in silence, under the impression of the happenings that took place a few minutes ago. In my opinion, they are so unimportant and irrelevant, those things happen all the time, they come and go and it is not something you should waste your energy on. Save every piece of peace and happiness you are given, don’t bother and make problems up, it’s useless. Anyway, we started walking one of my favorite streets of the city, which I discovered by myself in a casual walk last spring while I was looking for sister’s hairdresser. It was a first quite hot day in the spring and I was wearing only black shirt, jeans and shoes on after such a long time. When I was younger I had not understood the street and it’s location, it was always so different and it appeared as in a magic trick. It seemed like it was always in a different location, leading you to various spots whilst I could never find it on my own. I remember once, we were in the visit at cousins’, and we passed the street, getting somewhere were we intended to. I still wouldn’t know how to explain the position where I had found myself back then but I could find it by my intuition.

Trust. The thing we all want, we all say that we appreciate, that we value it a lot, and that we have a hard time trusting someone. We could present it as a priceless gold mine everyone gives to one another, but tend to lose it very easily. Trust is a very big component of love, sometimes I tend to identify love with trust. When you trust someone, you can say anything and know that it will be kept as if you buried it at the bottom of the ocean, you can behave as you wish, without thinking or refrain, you are completely free to be yourself. You don’t feel stupid if you have chocolate on your nose, your shirt is stained or if you don’t have money. Because you know that the person won’t judge you, won’t try to put you down. On the contrary, he or she will join you in your silliness, help you to whip the chocolate or stain, friendly tease you and loan you money without the word. Trust is when you know that someone will be there for you in every moment of the day or the night, no matter with who, and no matter how much time you need. But before everything, trust is when you know that someone will treasure you and keep you, your secretes and all your little things, inside, without sharing it, but saving it, in their hearts. Trust is when you  know that someone will make all the spies disappear, and all the voices go away, when the men in the white coats come, to be there for you and to chase down the walls around you. Trust is when you know and when you feel that you gave your heart to the person and he or she took it with as much of gentleness and care, as you had when you gave it to them. When your heart is failed down by only one person, you start doubting everyone, but eventually you get back on the old track. But if your trust has been turned down enough number of times you will start doubting everyone and everything. Because if someone decides to fail such a thing, how can that person love you, have any kind of gentle feelings towards you and at the end, any good intentions? Trust is like the water on Earth, when the Earth represents love. Without water there would be no life and Earth wouldn’t be Earth, it is the thing that stands our planet out of the other ones. I am the Idealist, the one who as he faces the world he sees the cruelty, dishonesty, duplicity in most delicate things as love. Fake moralists are everywhere, they all love but no one knows what love is. They are all so lost in their own visions and perfect stories while they don’t see that there is nothing honest and trustworthy in any of the things they say. Trust is a long-lost things, just as the love is. The Ideal things do not exist. The biggest and the most honest and true loves are born out of trust which is bringing the knowledge of the person with itself. Will I be able to trust anyone ever again? Is a question I asked myself as I looked through an old and dusty window on the ground floor of an old building, hiding the complete, thickest darkness which no one dared to disturb for who knows how long. Can I trust myself? Was a question I asked but I realised that it is not legit, because in what way can I or can I not trust myself? Can I trust myself to do what? It is completely irrelevant, or is it? It is a question I heard great number of times and I have never led myself into thinking about that matter. I will not question such a thing because there is no need to, I trust myself completely.

So we remained silent, talking on occasions. I can’t tell you the things that are going through my head, at the end, it’s still pointless to say them. Maybe the time will come, maybe not, but I would like it to come.

”I see the weight of your world in your eyes” was the sentences that broke me. Why did I even break in the first place into such thinking, and at the end why did I break down? So you hugged me and I hugged you back and in those moments at first I only cried but later my thoughts started going with such a speed that I wasn’t aware of the reality for some time. I hate the speed they can have sometimes, and the reason is-I’m not present in the moment. In the whirlpool of my thoughts the ones that stood out where ”they are everywhere… the spies”. I don’t know who or what the spies could be, but they are probably questions, doubts and disappointments.

But the spies came out of the water
But you’re feeling so bad cos you know
But the spies hide out in every corner,
But you can’t touch them no
Cause they’re all spies they’re all spies


They can’t touch you no
Cos they’re just spies

The bold text was something that kept going through my head later.

The thing that probably hurts me the most is that no one is, or doesn’t want to take in, to show, that they don’t know what trust or love means, but they go around and fling with it.

And if we don’t hide here
They’re going to find us

Is my absolute favorite part of the song

The person who has your trust is someone who should be always for you, who is no matter with who, where or when will pick up the phone, get his or her coat and be there, not just in their comfortable zone. That is very hard, the thing is, don’t tell things you don’t mean, or you can’t do.

I stepped out of the trolley. Up there, in front of the museum, the yellow lights and the fog seemed to make quite a party! You could go there and be present, but you could never be a part of it and join the dancing.


I am The Idealist. Even though I am stating the opposite all the time and trying to reason everybody around me I am The Idealist. Talking about life, expectations, plans, point of view. Let me tell you something, and I know I’m right on this one, life is all about your point of view, your wishes and convictions, your will. It’s maybe silly to say but Hitler’s favorite word was ‘will’, and it really is the most important thing. If you believe that you can achieve something that you wished for and if you want it strong enough it will come to you, just wish for it. I said this so many times, but we truly are only a part of the universe, Big Bang, the energy, and we, as we know for ourselves, are only a form of showing it, only a temporary form of us.
So do you think of me as an idealist? Pretty much, heh? Well, I am, an it is a double-edged sword.



While I was talking to a friend over phone I came across this little box I got for birthday from my friends. I have never noticed the lines before and it made me wonder. People today expect some kind of perfect and true love to come around the corner looking like a gorges diva or hot knight with no armor on, to fall in love and expect for it to last. Now, if we look a bit closely what do we see?
You go out on a party and meet some hot girl/guy and ”fall in love”. He/she is perfect. Loves same type of music, is hot, beautiful, perfect, stylish, interesting, funny, you hook up, and enter the relationship. So if you’re lucky enough it can last up to a few months, years.. But what then? Then someone cheats, leaves etc. It’s because someone showed up just like you did a few years ago. Because you don’t look at it from the right perspective. If you look for a real love then it won’t shut down, the person won’t betray you, the lamp won’t go off. That is the true love, and many psychologist say as well that the love we idealise, if it exists in any form, it can’t be born out of a crush. Sure that might come later, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Love is trust and loving the person’s being, everything which makes that person, what that person is. From lashes to all kinds of laughs and moods, thoughts and opinions. If you’re looking for a chemistry love, filled with butterflies and sweaty palms while tripping over your tongue then find a hot guy/girl and hook up. You’ll have an adventure, but don’t expect it to be a true love, those are only the luckiest of lucky.

Even though I doubt in true love I am still too hopeful to accept the fact. This is a cruel world, there is so little of us idealists, while there is nothing ideal in it.

tlThis is not my picture, I found it on facebook.

Thinking Out Loud

According to Allan Watts and Maya Angelou we are all the same, we all come from the same source and that is the big bang, which every and each one of us has in him/herself. We all carry a part of rivers, stars, trees, and each other in ourselves. If a man dreams a big dream we have a part of it in us as well and we can do it, but the same stands if someone commits a crime. Maya says that we should not be afraid of anything that’s human, because it is us. But on the other hand we all judge others and their acts, we are all setting up standards, following some rules etc. We judge LGBT population and their acts, while the only thing they’re doing different from the rest is kiss a person of the same-sex. Is that so horrifying? I wouldn’t say so. We are only part of the energy, we are all one. There is no matter. The thing we call matter is only a special moment and state in which energy is showing. And we still have so many things in out head going around.

E.g. lately I have been thinking about love as many of my friends  are in those waters right now. I don’t know where am I. Maybe I am standing on a tiny rock in the middle of the river, but that’s just a wild guess. Anyhow, I have always thought that you can’t meet your other half, someone who is your soul mate, who you will marry, at early age. I have always thought that it will be in my twenties or so. Also, I have never thought that when I marry once that I will never divorce, it depends, but it has always been so weird to me to spend your whole life with just one person. Just imagine, you are sitting at your living room one night, watching TV and you should start getting dressed up for a visit to your friends. You have, let’s say, a ten-year old kid, and you look at the person sitting across of you, you look at your living room and don’t you just think ”this is so boring. There is no change, no excitement, for so long everything is the same”. Is it possible to love a person for 50 years, to feel the same as you were in your twenties? fifty years? To feel the same as you felt in your twenties? But again, how can a love simply vanish when you love someone? When you truly love the person? Not just the looks or the things he or she has? Not so many people know what the true love is. It’s not just a crush or heart racing when you see someone, it’s not just liking someone because he or she is nice and interesting. Sometimes true love, I think, can lack a few of the said things. True love is when you don’t mind if your hair is a mess and when the other person doesn’t see it as a disaster and imperfection but as a characteristic of yours. True love means that you don’t really care much if your lipstick is half a way removed or if you have chocolate around your mouth when you just ate it, yogurt on your nose when you just drank it from the cup which is sold in the bakeries. True love is when you forget about those things, when the person you’re with doesn’t mind, but loves those things about you whilst not thinking how idiotic you are. You know you love someone when you give your money when you don’t have it anymore, just so the person wouldn’t wake his or her parents and you won’t ask for it back. It’s when you leave your jacket and don’t mind if you don’t get it back for a month or so, when someone doesn’t judge you for your socks with a whole but laughs and says ”Don’t worry, I have plenty of those”. Real love is when you look at the person and think of so many things that he or she loves, does, is, all the nice things that you could do for him or her. It’s when you just need the presence of the person to feel calm, happy, complete, when you can cry, laugh or talk random things without holding back. It’s when you know that you want to be with him or her eventually. It’s when you try to keep the distance but you fail because it’s a torture, because it feels empty and cold. True love is when you’re happy when the person is happy even if you don’t agree with a choice that has been made. You know you love someone when you chose to hug the person before everyone else in hard and in bad times, when he or she is your priority.
Once my friend said that the love of your life is surely somewhere out there but the question is if you’re lucky enough to meet him/her at the right time at your life. I would disagree before but now I am questioning my conviction. Maybe there really is someone out there for us? Now there is a theory my language teacher once said and that is that there is someone made for us but it can never be realised, because of the society in most cases. Many of us would like to think that there is a person who is made just for us and I believe that there are cases of real love here and there and those people are made to be an example of real love, that is their task and purpose. I still doubt that there is one and only one person who is made for us and with whom we can achieve the real love, but I am not saying that my opinion can not be changed.
One of my friends said that we maybe can’t know who that person might be, or that we might not be aware of it, and that we should question our expectations and wishes. Now that is maybe possible if you are at some transitioning period in your life and you are changing your point of view, orientations etc. We all have a certain ideal of how our perfect love should look like, we all have a list, dreams, but if there really is our true love we would recognise it when we get to know the person, even if it’s a complete opposite of what we had in mind. We should open our minds and hearts, listen to the wind and silent whispers more, we should be at peace more.
I haven’t expected any kind of big love stories at my early age and I don’t think that we should be bound much at this age.. I also usually mentally puke when I hear the ”highschool sweethearts” phrase. You are with only one person your whole life and there is only two case scenarios which can happen. First of it is to be with that person your whole life just because you don’t know for any better and you are scared, and the other one is when the middle age crisis comes you are going to hook up with a college from the work at a business trip.

Vanilla Twilight

I just want you to hug me and not ask me anything. Don’t question my tears or smiles, neither my squeezing and nuzzling, and do not ask why am I just peacefully lying in your arms while we watch the Vanilla Twilight spill in front of us and two hot teas smoke at the window.

Do you like crying? Because I love you.

We never die

One of the all-time questions is ”Do we really die?” and I have an answer to it. We don’t. We are the part of the energy, of the universe. Laws of physics and chemistry say that  the energy can not vanish nor be made out of nothing, it can only change it’s form, so does the matter we are made of. So practically we never die, we just get different shape. If we consider the term under we(i.e. the energy and the matter we are presenting) are known now then we can observe all the things we have done, our intentions, wishes, our heart all in all. We, under the term we are known, die only when our heart dies, and our heart dies only when no one remembers it anymore, only when no one knows for it anymore, when there is no one to meet it again. Even if we sometimes think that everybody has forgotten our heart we don’t die, because there is someone who will know for our heart eventually, someone who will meet it. So basically, we never die. The term of us might eventually dies, but what importance do we have from that when we are only one in 7 billion of us. We all are one, because we are all part of the energy and the matter. We never die, we just change the form.

I haven’t written in a while, I was quite busy, but now that I have found the time to do so, I am very excited about it. I have decided to write a novel. I am quite poor about writing those, I’m more of a one-shot story teller, but I’ll give it a try, even if it ends up being just a bunch of connected one-shots.

I have realised that I have changed a lot lately and that I have grown. I can’t put my finger on what have I exactly changed but it is part of developing ourselves. Unfortunately, I lost those nice things I used to notice, hopefully only for a while. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I would always enjoy the beauty of the Christmas tree lamps and all the decorations, I could easily travel to some house in the mountains, a night ride on the road full of snow, a nice winter ball or the sunny ski hill. But that’s normal, that kind of period comes and goes, we come to understand some things and people in our lives, to get over or to get through something, to grow and to understand. The more we understand the more we can see the beauty in everything. The easiest thing to do is judge and hate. It is alright if you don’t approve something, or if you don’t agree with a certain thing someone’s doing or thinking, you should have your opinion but it is very important to understand and respect others. That is how we share love and understanding, many of us just need a chance and understanding so we can grow, so we can acknowledge some things in our lives. So be the one who sees, who understands and who is ready to give a helping hand to someone who’s maybe just a little bit lost.

I have been also thinking about how we all are living our lives and they are so connected, intertwined but yet we all walk different, independent paths and we are just a tiny part of each other’s lives. And that is best seen when you have a group of, let’s say, five people talking, chatting and some of them start saying their fears and thoughts out, and then you understand how everyone really is for them selves. We can only listen and advise but nothing more, and that is important to understand. We are here for other people not to affect and change their lives, but to support them, advise them and be there for them, to listen when they speak. Another thing that I understood as well is that the most healthy relationship is when two persons are close to each other but do not have the same life. Every and each of us should have independent, separated life and the closest we can become is just to be a big part of someone’s life. E.g. if two friends enter the same school and make the same friends and go everywhere at the same time, they will eventually have almost the same life, in one area of their lives they are becoming one person and that is never good, everyone should have their life space.

I am looking through the window and listening to the same song for who knows what time. I can sometimes look at one spot and as the time goes by it can change and start reminding me of something completely different. The power of thoughts and imagination is endless.

Keep yourself busy in achieving your goals, don’t give up even when it gets tough, see the beauty in the smallest things and look through the window for hours. Do what you love and be happy in this new year,