I am The Idealist. Even though I am stating the opposite all the time and trying to reason everybody around me I am The Idealist. Talking about life, expectations, plans, point of view. Let me tell you something, and I know I’m right on this one, life is all about your point of view, your wishes and convictions, your will. It’s maybe silly to say but Hitler’s favorite word was ‘will’, and it really is the most important thing. If you believe that you can achieve something that you wished for and if you want it strong enough it will come to you, just wish for it. I said this so many times, but we truly are only a part of the universe, Big Bang, the energy, and we, as we know for ourselves, are only a form of showing it, only a temporary form of us.
So do you think of me as an idealist? Pretty much, heh? Well, I am, an it is a double-edged sword.



While I was talking to a friend over phone I came across this little box I got for birthday from my friends. I have never noticed the lines before and it made me wonder. People today expect some kind of perfect and true love to come around the corner looking like a gorges diva or hot knight with no armor on, to fall in love and expect for it to last. Now, if we look a bit closely what do we see?
You go out on a party and meet some hot girl/guy and ”fall in love”. He/she is perfect. Loves same type of music, is hot, beautiful, perfect, stylish, interesting, funny, you hook up, and enter the relationship. So if you’re lucky enough it can last up to a few months, years.. But what then? Then someone cheats, leaves etc. It’s because someone showed up just like you did a few years ago. Because you don’t look at it from the right perspective. If you look for a real love then it won’t shut down, the person won’t betray you, the lamp won’t go off. That is the true love, and many psychologist say as well that the love we idealise, if it exists in any form, it can’t be born out of a crush. Sure that might come later, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Love is trust and loving the person’s being, everything which makes that person, what that person is. From lashes to all kinds of laughs and moods, thoughts and opinions. If you’re looking for a chemistry love, filled with butterflies and sweaty palms while tripping over your tongue then find a hot guy/girl and hook up. You’ll have an adventure, but don’t expect it to be a true love, those are only the luckiest of lucky.

Even though I doubt in true love I am still too hopeful to accept the fact. This is a cruel world, there is so little of us idealists, while there is nothing ideal in it.

tlThis is not my picture, I found it on facebook.

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