Memories hurt, wether they are nice or bad, they hurt

My friend told me that last night and it is true. It is true because we are aware that it will never be the same and that we can never get back certain moment or period of time. We are aware that we are growing older and that there is no coming back. Hurt mixed with fear makes us bitter but we should not let that happen. May the hope and faith in something better to come be with you and the dreams of good times come true.

And tell me somethings last

Tea, Jazz And Cold

It is a relaxing afternoon and the jazz is playing at the back. I have my tea and cookies on a little coffee table in front of me and 24kitchen turned on the entire morning. I stayed at home today as I got cold. I have it or a couple of days now, isn’t that a bummer? Anyhow, I’m not complaining because I am taking my time to enjoy and relax a bit. I am curled up in my big, cozy, warm, violet blanky, with one leg stretched on a armchair across me. I have so many things to write about but I don’t want to escape this moment of pure chilling, I wrote down my ideas. I am taking a photography classes today so I am excited about it. I ruined my camera while going on a vacation because I left it melting and boiling on the summer sun so now I am depending on my friend, hoping she’ll give me her camera. I will read about Columbus, manofacture and church reformations today, I find it quite interesting, even though IIWW would fit the jazz atmosphere better. I love history and I love jazz. Slow or fast, dynamic or not, only instrumental or with a singer jazz will always relax you and take you away to some old times. I love Charleston as well and I had learnt it how to dance myself(internet is a wonder!)

Here you can enjoy a little bit of jazz:)

Yesterday I started painting and enjoyed through entire two hours of it. The impression of it is still strong as well as the mood and the atmosphere. I can’t wait to get back to the painting. This is how far I got:)




teaThe featured post image of the cup of tea and cookies isn’t mine, I found it on Google.



dem kookiez

I love all kinds of cookies, cakes, sweets, candies, snacks, sugar, sweet and chocolate drinks, chocolates, biscuits, chocolate bars, chocolate boxes, big or small. colorful, mixed, dark, with milk, nuts, strawberries, raspberries, e v r y t h i n g, and I enjoy making them. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make any of those, except two types of biscuit cakes. I have many interests and one of those is cooking. I had even thought a couple of times to go to cooking school and become a chef. Anyway, I’d like that to be my hobby one day. I love all kinds of sprinkles and creams and I can eat them until I feel sick and even after that. It’s strange how much I love food and yet I usually don’t pay much attention to it in my everyday life, nor do I love to eat many stuff. I often have this image in my head, me being in the kitchen, with full chef equipment making delicious dishes and deserts. And let me tell you I will make that happen.

Today I went on my art classes which I use as an escape from other obligations and have some time just for myself. I love painting and I always have. Now, it is already evening and I have spent my afternoon in translating a text from Russian and eating cookies with nutella and jam whilst drinking milk. I don’t know how many of them have I eaten but I know for sure I ate more than 5 and I will eat them more. It’s lovely and relaxing. I am trying to do all of my obligations relaxed and slowly, with no rush or tension what so ever. At one point I felt like a pig because I felt so good and satisfied just because I ate so many cookies and the only question I had on my mind was ”should I eat the next one with nutella or jam?”. I got rid of it eventually and now I am left with a single lamp lit in my living room, tv and a rainy day saying goodbye. I take a look from my terrace every now and then and I just hope that everything will turn out for the best. I am waiting for the basketball game to start and I am passionately cheering, can’t wait for it!



bannerImage4 choco images images (1) cupcakes  all of these pictures I found on google





oh yeah, don’t forget the ice cream


Evening thoughts

There are so many faiths a like and yet so different, there are so many things which get to us, hurt us, ones that have already happened or are happening now to who knows how many people, and sometimes I think how different we all are and yet so same. I just look through the window and see thousands of apartments, little colorful lights and start thinking what are all those people doing out there, what they’re going through…