Night Skies And A Happy Birthday

I stepped out of the bus which drove me from the place I said goodbye to my friend who’s very dear to my heart to a place which is very dear to me as well, we can say they are the dearests. I sat on a tiny wall waiting for my sister to arrive with a vanilla-chocolate croissant and a juice so we can continue together our night walk. As I sat there and waited for her, I listened to Owl City I’ll Meet You There. As the song started I completely gave myself to the lyrics and the sky.

If we could sit together a moment
And talk forever just to pass the time

For this particular occasion I would change ‘together’ into ‘there’ and ‘talk’ to ‘gaze’. The night is clear and the stars are shining bright, making the perfect contrast to the black sky. I’ve always wondered what’s out there. When I was younger I was interested in astronomy indeed. I could seriously just sit there for hours and watch the galaxies spill themselves above me. I would think about how beautiful it is and what’s out there, I would recall back all the memories, and think about the things that are happening now. I would eventually stop thinking, and let the skies take me away. I could write about it to eternity but, this time I will take a chance and wish a happy birthday to a friend. Happy birthday my lad, even though we don’t know each other for a long time I think that you are a remarkable person and I wish you all the best.

As a humble present, I give you all the night skies, sound of silence, endless walks, plenty of little green benches and the best songs of the world. Above all I want you to be happy! Happy birthday, man, skies are shining bright above you! There are endless paths, just as the skies are endless, choose your own carefully:)


Skies are beautiful tonight, the night is clear and the air is fresh. Lights of the bridge are shining the brightest green tonight, and green is the most beautiful color of all. Goodnight:)

It looked something like this. Although our skies aren't the richest with stars they are the skies of home.

It looked something like this. Although our skies aren’t the richest with stars they are the skies of home.

And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

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