We never die

One of the all-time questions is ”Do we really die?” and I have an answer to it. We don’t. We are the part of the energy, of the universe. Laws of physics and chemistry say that  the energy can not vanish nor be made out of nothing, it can only change it’s form, so does the matter we are made of. So practically we never die, we just get different shape. If we consider the term under we(i.e. the energy and the matter we are presenting) are known now then we can observe all the things we have done, our intentions, wishes, our heart all in all. We, under the term we are known, die only when our heart dies, and our heart dies only when no one remembers it anymore, only when no one knows for it anymore, when there is no one to meet it again. Even if we sometimes think that everybody has forgotten our heart we don’t die, because there is someone who will know for our heart eventually, someone who will meet it. So basically, we never die. The term of us might eventually dies, but what importance do we have from that when we are only one in 7 billion of us. We all are one, because we are all part of the energy and the matter. We never die, we just change the form.

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