I haven’t written in a while, I was quite busy, but now that I have found the time to do so, I am very excited about it. I have decided to write a novel. I am quite poor about writing those, I’m more of a one-shot story teller, but I’ll give it a try, even if it ends up being just a bunch of connected one-shots.

I have realised that I have changed a lot lately and that I have grown. I can’t put my finger on what have I exactly changed but it is part of developing ourselves. Unfortunately, I lost those nice things I used to notice, hopefully only for a while. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I would always enjoy the beauty of the Christmas tree lamps and all the decorations, I could easily travel to some house in the mountains, a night ride on the road full of snow, a nice winter ball or the sunny ski hill. But that’s normal, that kind of period comes and goes, we come to understand some things and people in our lives, to get over or to get through something, to grow and to understand. The more we understand the more we can see the beauty in everything. The easiest thing to do is judge and hate. It is alright if you don’t approve something, or if you don’t agree with a certain thing someone’s doing or thinking, you should have your opinion but it is very important to understand and respect others. That is how we share love and understanding, many of us just need a chance and understanding so we can grow, so we can acknowledge some things in our lives. So be the one who sees, who understands and who is ready to give a helping hand to someone who’s maybe just a little bit lost.

I have been also thinking about how we all are living our lives and they are so connected, intertwined but yet we all walk different, independent paths and we are just a tiny part of each other’s lives. And that is best seen when you have a group of, let’s say, five people talking, chatting and some of them start saying their fears and thoughts out, and then you understand how everyone really is for them selves. We can only listen and advise but nothing more, and that is important to understand. We are here for other people not to affect and change their lives, but to support them, advise them and be there for them, to listen when they speak. Another thing that I understood as well is that the most healthy relationship is when two persons are close to each other but do not have the same life. Every and each of us should have independent, separated life and the closest we can become is just to be a big part of someone’s life. E.g. if two friends enter the same school and make the same friends and go everywhere at the same time, they will eventually have almost the same life, in one area of their lives they are becoming one person and that is never good, everyone should have their life space.

I am looking through the window and listening to the same song for who knows what time. I can sometimes look at one spot and as the time goes by it can change and start reminding me of something completely different. The power of thoughts and imagination is endless.

Keep yourself busy in achieving your goals, don’t give up even when it gets tough, see the beauty in the smallest things and look through the window for hours. Do what you love and be happy in this new year,

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