Rainy day has come once again. It’s cold and the streets are wet, trees have no leaves left on their branches. The sky is white, completely covered with clouds and there is no sign of the Sun. Even though it’s cold the wind is not blowing so it’s wonderful for taking a walk. There is so many angles of observing the surroundings. The weathermen say that soon the storms and snow will come, hopefully the winter is coming soon.

The orange light casted by the street lamp is quite dim and at one point it reminds me of an empty and ghostly garage alley, and at another one it reminds me of a warm and scented summer night, the reflection of the street at the roof window. The naked branches give a spooky feeling but yet again it can initiate dreams of the most beautiful Autumn nights, of the two in love, charming girl in her coat and heels in embrace of her loving darling. Even though it is a bit unpleasant to walk the city street at night you can get the feeling like you could walk miles and miles and just watch the trees, sky and city lights around you.

Sometimes it’s strange how I don’t know what to do or think about because there is just so many things and you can not let your dreams take over.

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