Sometimes, and lately more often, I get sad or melancholically when the conversation is over. I get the feeling usually when someone says goodbye to me first and it happens a lot, because I’m always there for people and I will always listen to what they have to say. When I was little whenever my very first and best friend and I say goodbye to each other everything gets weird, strange, and sad around me, and the feeling I get isn’t pleasant at all. It’s not what it is like now, but I do get sad and melancholy takes over. Sometimes tears threaten to spill but I don’t give them a chance. Very logically I get sadder when a person I love to talk to says goodbye. I know it’s maybe overreacting or over the top, and maybe I am just driving myself into the “magic”, never-ending circle of need for communication but that’s just how I feel and maybe it’s because I feel used or stood up. Please prepare me for your goodbye and don’t ever shoot it out of nowhere.

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