Long Way Down

My way has taken my far away, downwards. I am falling and going long way down for you. It has been going on for so long, with pauses, denials and hopes for near ending but I just can’t seem to take a sharp turn somewhere and finally stop falling from the roofs. I want to take a walk with you on the rooftops and talk about times, watch the skies, laugh and be silent. I want you to take my hand in yours and go somewhere to make memories. I want it to be just like a autmnish afternoon, peacful and orange, colorful, foggy and unpredictable and glamorous like the evening that’s coming. Intriging like the city lights and it’s veins and I want it to rush through mine like a living stream of emotions and expectations. I have gone long way down in a pursuite for you and your green orbs. I have gone long way down just to catch as many of your smiles and laughters as possible and your green braces with perfect white teeth. I have run long miles down just to see your blonde hair with bruinette locks. The way you put your bangs asaide to cover your forehead just above your eyes, and the way you are sitting and revising or reading something whilst everyone are outside, and the fact that you ocasionally need black glasses, make me go downsome and I cannot see the sun anymore-I am swimming in all those little things. I love the way you walk and talk stupid things and the way you are a complete idiot. I want you to make me laugh and warm my hands when I forget my gloves, and I want to see your green eyes glowing like city lights and night skies when you’re laughing. I want to feel the rivers and winds passing this city and I want to talk to you. I want to live it all through when we’re walking together in these streets or just sitting somewehere. It feels like a long way down.

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