Rainy Day

I welcomed yet another day. I got up later than I intended to, but I won’t let that bother me, I enjoyed the comfort of my cozy bed. The first thing that came on my mind was, of course, what should I wear, and I decided to go for my new hoody and one of my favorite combinations, even if I’m not planning on going out soon. I feel melancholy spilling and spreading all around me but I am not fighting against it, I am trying to enjoy it and to suppress every pressure and obligation I have, today I am doing everything slowly and relaxing.

My sister and have been doing housework and she found some old bracelets, necklaces and sweet little messages for each member of the family I had made. Bracelets¬†are made out of plastic stripes, different colors, and the necklaces is made out of plasticine. She asked me if I want to throw them away and as I took them in my hand I decided that I am going to wear them. The bracelet is already tied around my wrist and since the necklaces is made of quite strange shape I will consider it how and if I’m going to wear it. Either way, it reminds me of my childhood and creativity, something I never want to lose and I want to keep as much of it as I can.

I absolutely love the light that brings the rainy weather, the way coffee has more special taste and enjoyment, the way the writing has its own meaning. I am waiting impatiently autumn every year and it’s finally here. Here’s a wonderful song to listen to

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