Transitioning period

Everybody has that period in their lives when they’re trying to figure some things out. It’s usually something major in our lives, whether it is a big decision or a change we want to make, we tend to do the same thing-we retreat and try to spend more time alone, thinking about our life. I am in such period at the moment and the trip I went to surely had some impact on it. I am thinking about things and changing them subconsciously for quite a while already, and now I have to think everything through. Everybody needs to be in touch with themselves. I want to just sit on my sofa with my legs stretched to the armchair, drink some nice drink from my brand new Starbucks thermos, listen to some music or just enjoy the silence and figure things out.

Fortunately, I realised one thing. If a man wants to be successful he needs to do what he enjoys. Of course, we are sometimes obligated to do things we don’t feel like doing at the moment but perhaps we should leave it for later. Last year I worked really hard, I had to finish all of my obligations on time and I wasn’t giving myself a brake. I had never had time for the things I really wanted and should do, and as I pushed myself harder anxieties and pressure started rising. This year I decided to change that. I have so many interests, starting sports, over music, DJing, rapping, beatboxing to painting, writing etc, and I don’t want to leave them just as a unrealised thought and a wish, just as something unreachable because of the work I have to do. And since I started spending my free time doing things I really wanted to do, I feel much better and even the worries and the anxieties are not as strong as they were. But we certainly must not let ourselves relax that much when we reach the point  of completely abandoning things we should do, and let our success and career suffer. It is okay sometimes to lift off the burden and enjoy little things because that’s the way we are growing and developing ourselves, as long as we are not going extreme.

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