Shadow Friend

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Everyone has a friend who’s following them around. Usually he acts like a shadow and it is a part of us who we refuse to acknowledge. Imaginary friend sometimes tells us things we want to hear and sometimes is here to torture us, someone who’s walking a long with us but sometimes pushes us into the hole. Imaginary friend is a part of us who we need to look at the face and deal with, or ask for help. Imaginary friend usually likes to whisper, and when he whispers you can never know will it be the sweetest nothing or the deadliest poison. Friend from the shadow l is there to support us and he usually doesn’t care for the consequences. All in all he’s always there and we can’t escape him, he always has the awaken eye of the guardian, quite often full of curiosity. Someone has one, someone has many of them, someone says that he’s alone while someone believes that his shadow is always there. Everybody has their own friend who is keeping them safe or putting them into danger and that little friend can have mind and will of his own.

Shadow friend never left my side and still is the biggest jokester.


The featured image is found on google.

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