I am on the rode, again. One of my favoruite things is traveling. Every bus for me is small but I love riding and being on the rode so I can take more than 10hours of traveling without a problem.
While we’re on the road we pass various different landscapes and weather changes. We have a few stages during the ride to the final destination. At first we are excited and everything seems interesting, as the time passes we get tired and sleepy so we doze off and after the nap we are usually bored and anticipating the end of the, how it seems, never-ending ride.
When the bus starts it’s engine the excitment is at it’s highest and the pre-traveling anxiety starts to vanish. At the beginning you are souranded by city landscape, saying goodbye. to the familiar streets and dreaming of the new pictures and memories you are going to make when you get there. Slowly the landscape starts to change and the once city sourandings switch places with countryside-like. The sunny weather that we have left in our hometown turns into the gloomy and cold one, even slightly rainy. The sun is visible but only through the clowds and fog and it has the look of a white, small, simple button. And as the landscapes and tge weather on our trip are changing so do things in our life. At the end, when we get to our final destination, our goal, sunny weather and good times are awaiting for us.

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