Imperfect Teenagers

Young adults who are thought to be mindless time-wasters have standards under which they are assumed to be perfect. We have two points of view, therefore two types of standards: the ones which are set by grownups and the other ones set by the teenagers themselves. I think that there is no perfect and right and imperfect or wrong way to be a teenager. I love to see a beautiful, skinny girl, with nice hairstyle and a cute, well-dressed boy, but  I like to see a few pounds bigger girl or a geek boy as well. I love to see them with all their imperfections in looks and their silly behavior. I love to see their crooked teeth and colorful braces, ripped jeans and two size bigger shirts, their messy hairs and ripped converse, I love to see their peeled nail polish and their glasses. When I see a kid in his teens, listening to music on his/her phone, wearing silly clothes, with a messy hairstyle, when I see them with their flaws and perfections I can’t help but smile. I also can’t help but think why do I smile when I’m no different than them, and I can’t help but be afraid of that what makes them, what makes who they are, vanishing. Youth is beautiful. Everything’s beautiful now, everyone’s pretty in their teens. Those imperfections won’t be as interesting and characteristic later, it will turn to much worse and visible flaws but no one has the time to think about it now, does he? They go out and meet their friends, have a laugh and no one thinks about what will happen later. All that now is important and makes a problem later will just put a smile on our faces, but the things we are not worrying about now will later give us a frown. Teenagers with their silly, colorful or plain clothing, black or red, neat or ripped, filthy and ripped sneakers, games and pictures, art and music, silly jokes and insane laughs, silly walks and street dancing, inappropriate behavior and polite gestures, evil grins and nice smiles, dramas and adventures, perfect teeth and braces, overweight and skinny ones, philosophers and world saviors, time-wasters and rebels, self preservers and lost souls, love and hate, make them alive and helps them keeping the youth, they are not fading, they are making things real and their dreams vivid. Whoever they are and wherever they belong they are perfect just the way they are, they are the perfect teenagers.




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