I am so excited for the official trailer and even more for the movie to come out! I am an absolute dork for The Hobbit and LOTR. I really wonder how will the third part turn out because there isn’t much left to happen. I even said a few times that they shouldn’t make a trilogy out of only one book but I will wait for the third movie to come out. Yesterday I said to a friend that the third part isn’t just an episode of The Hobbit series even though I have a feeling that they are assuming that it is just a money making episode, it should be a movie for itself. Yes, it does relies on the previous two, but it’s at the same time movie for itself and it has mostly the battle in it. Again, I am not going to make any premature judgments. I absolutely adore The Hobbit and LOTR, I even read the book so I am expecting nothing less but to be blown off and hooked on the movie. Enjoy the teaser!

The Hobbit

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