I have finally found my silence. Silence goes along with peace. I can easily find it, anywhere. I can find it just by looking at a tree or a happy child swinging, but lately it’s a bit harder because I don’t have the time to just stop for a second and catch it. However, there is one place where I can find my silence whenever I want to. I’ve already written about it, it’s one of my favorite places. As I climbed the stares in the hallway I stopped and looked around myself. The song that was playing has finished and I stopped music on my phone. I was alone in the hallway and all you could hear and feel is peace and silence, warm feeling taking over me. I caught it! When I entered the house, I looked around, paced back and forth and slowly turned the computer on, played some songs. I’ll find my patience as well, so I could just sit and look through the window or at one point on the wall. Everything seems smaller now, I guess I really grew up. I remember when I pretended to have a real motorbike on the terrace while I was playing with my new, red bicycle. I remember imagining my room to be a spaceship, buttons and drawings sticked and hung all around it. I remember that rainy day when my aunt came for lunch and we talked as the rain was constantly pouring outside; I even remember what we ate. I remember so many mornings on the terrace with sunlight illuminating only half of it. A friend last night helped me to find a way to my silence and I am very grateful for that. So, today I naturally started writing.

Today I was preserving a man making and packing my burger for a go. His movements are quick and trained; you can see that he is doing that all the time. How easy and quickly he was doing that surprised me, while I was dropping money on the floor and had a hard time hearing the question he asked. I think that we need to seriously slow down, take a moment and preserve things around us, see details and enjoy the moment, music, silence, rain and sun. Find your peace and catch it, be grateful on what you have and cherish it.

The song has finished and I’m left with silence again, I’ll let it take me in and hold me in it’s arms. I’ll always remember the rainy days and blue skies with white clouds floating here and there behind my roof windows.

silence (1) roof both of these two pictures are not mine, I found them on google.


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