Modern Life

So, I log in, press ‘all posts’ and see that I have three post in drafts. I have everything, words should be just flowing. I have my mug and coffee, music, everything I need, but I just can’t seem to start writing. I was away for a while but even when I came back I just didn’t have the inspiration to write, even though I have what to write about. What does stops us from writing? Living fast and not finding time to do so, lack of inspiration, maybe boredom? If you ask me all of those things and sometimes if I’m not ”in touch” with myself. These days I just can’t put my thoughts in words. I think that we live way too fast and that we are quite bored and with lack of concentration when we don’t have 1000 information getting to us, images changing fast, people talking all around us, so many new stories and activities during the day. We get out of the house and as soon as we put keys in our bag we are clicking the tiny icon which leads us to a social network. We are chatting with five people at the same time who are miles and miles away and when we meet someone the situation doesn’t change. All around us are commercials, all kinds of different images filled with colors and animations, just to catch our attention. Why kids can’t pay attention in school and can’t learn the same things the same way as their parents could? Because we are constantly being bombarded with all sorts of information, in our minds everything is happening fast and we can’t put the same amount of unimportant information as people could before. Everything is on the phone, only one click away. When you enter a shopping mall what do you see? Tons of advertisements, headlines and promotions, everything’s yelling ‘buy, buy, buy! Look at this magnificent dress and it’s on sale! Usually only three things in a store are on sale under 15%, but we see the sale sign and we simply have to buy it. And just when you think you’re finished with shopping you come to the cash register and buy sunglasses or an accessories. We are constantly getting new information even though we are not aware of it. Your brain doesn’t inform you about reading something, you ran over it with your eyes and you didn’t actually read it but it still stores somewhere, deep in your mind. We always need more and we need it fast. People these days don’t have patience for anything, not even to wait for their meal in restaurants or for a man to cross a street. No matter how hard it may be, we should sit down and listen to ourselves, try to do something which requires time and patience and connect out mind with our soul again.

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