In Pursuit Of A Swimsuit

As I was walking I was looking at all those high buildings passing, sticking out and peeking behind one another as I walked by. I met my friend after a long walk so we could go together and try to find swimsuits. I found the most expensive one I couldn’t afford today so, we went on. At the end of the day, I finally settled down with two of them and had to pick out which one I would by today. That was the toughest part. I’m that one person who can help everyone out and teach everyone everything but can’t put curtains on and close the cabin, the clumsy one who find it difficult to try on the swimsuit and the one who can’t choose between the two so just leaves them both and go with empty hands home. Yes, I couldn’t make up my mind so I didn’t buy any of them. So I tried another store where I found one but still didn’t want to buy anything. I got so irritated and stressed out and I know it’s a small thing but I was quite furious. I liked one better but the other one suited me slightly better. How can I make up my mind? And of course, it was the last one in the store. So basicallyI woke up today, walked 5 blocks to meet my friend, visited who knows how many shops, cut down the time I’ve spent with two of my friends, barely found the swimsuit and gave up from buying it. All in all I had a fun and a nice day apart from the stressing out part. Tomorrow I should go on a pool with friends and it will be interesting if I don’t find it waiting for me to buy it. Wish me luck, I’ll be needing it.

the one I liked the most looked something like this

the one I liked the most looked something like this

4 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of A Swimsuit

      • I think we have to do what we want when we can. For now I’m sitting back and writing but in the future I will be grabbing everything and leaving nothing. I’m not talking material things though (although I can never turn down a new pair of shoes lol) I just mean life in general. If you see something you want, you should get it and when I see a road I want to take, I’ll take it 🙂 Glad you found a swimsuit and glad that you had a good time as a result. It’s all about the good moments 🙂

      • I completely agree with you and thank you for sharing your point of view 🙂 Even though I think the same, sometimes I need a reminder that we have one life and one chance to grab things. It is, it’s all about the moments. We should enjoy our life and appreciate everything we have, every moment or opportunity given, we should make every moment nice to remember, even though it might is just a casual morning.

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