Teenagers’ jobs

Today I joined my friends in taking off posters of out favorite artists so my friend could put them on the wall. It was in one of the most busy streets in the city and a lot of people stared at us. Some of them had puzzled look on their faces, some of them were judging us while some of them looked at us with a smile and asked what were we doing and why. I assisted a little and took some pictures. It was fun to be honest. First one, and the most important one, came down with only few damages, the second one, the Pet Shop Boys poster, was a piece of cake while the third one, Suede, was, unfortunately, completely ruined. So, after we finished putting them down we started taking pictures with them and a women stopped and said that her daughter completely understands us. We looked at her and she said that Theo Hutchcraft is the most perfect man and that she’s in love with him so we asked her to join our picture. After that we went for ice cream.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this because I want to make a clear image of the world that we live in and how we can change it. Some of those people judged us and some of them found the thing we’re doing quite interesting and cute. Honestly, I don’t understand why would anyone judge a couple of teenagers putting down a poster while there is thousands of the same posters just next to that one. We just love them and want them to hang above our heads and look at us while we’re sleeping. Well, that sounded weird. Anyways, I actually was really surprised when I saw that people were stopping and waiting for us to take a picture of how we’re putting the poster down. They usually don’t look where they’re walking or who’s around them. One granny saw us and asked what were we doing. She had such a warm smile and she was so nice, it melted my heart. Those little things are making our life beautiful and we need to cherish them. We need so little to be nice and happy and we can make someone’s day better. Little things people do like being nice or giving a small smile or cracking a joke mean a lot to me. I will take the opportunity to thank one man, who works at the place where I bought my burger yesterday, because he gave me the burger even though I didn’t have enough money. We can make our and others’ day and life better just being nice and doing little things to make us happy. Life isn’t about the big things, it’s about small things and gestures we should do every day. We choose our sight of the world and how we want our day to look like. If we are judging and hating everything we see and everything that surrounds us we’ll end up living a miserable life. But if we choose to see the good and all those nice and little things that can make us happy we will have pleasant and wonderful life.

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